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New 6th Grade SEEd Science Core Lesson Plans and Resources

6th Grade Science SEEd Core Resources

  1. New 6th Grade Science SEEd Core Presentation
  2. Utah Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) Standards for 6th Through 8th Grades
  3. JSD 3D Learning Activity Template
  4. 2018-19 USOE 6th Grade OER Book for Online Access and Viewing
  5. 2018-19 USOE 6th Grade Open Education Resource Book for Downloading
  6. 2018-19 USOE 6th Grade Open Education Resource Book for Purchasing
  7. 2018-19 6th Grade Core SEEd Lesson Plans for all Standards–“SEEd Storylines”
  8. 6th Grade SEEd Content Courses, Self-Paced, on Canvas Run Through UEN
  9. Science and Engineering Best Practices Poster (SEP)
  10. Cross Cutting Concepts Poster (CCC)
  11. Disciplinary Core Ideas Poster (DCI)
  12. Sample Sage Cluster Questions for the New 6th Grade Science Core
  13.  Engineering Process Flow Chart
  14. Phenomena Ideas
  1. Supplies Needed
    1. 6th Grade SEEd Material and Supply List
    2. 6th Grade Science Supplies and Materials from 2002 Core
    3. Places to get Science Materials and Supplies

6th Grade SEEd Science Core 

  1. Purpose of the new 6th Grade Science SEEd Core
    1. What Do Scientists Do?
      1. Video 1: Biomedical Engineer - Careers in Science and Engineering
      2. Video 2: Environmental Engineer - Careers in Science and Engineering

Tools to Help You Teach/Assess 3-D

Strand 6.1: Structure and Motion Within the Solar System

Standard 6.1.1 (Develop Models--Patterns)

  1. Moon Phases
    1. Clark Planetarium 2018 SEED Moon Kit Lesson Plan Activity
    2. Moon Phase Phenomena Power Point (Moon seems to change and get farther away from the sun)
    3. Moon Phase Lesson Plan
      1. Moon Months
      2. Complete Moon Phases
      3. Lunar Cycle
      4. Moon Observation Chart
      5. Where are the Moon 8 Phases?
  2. Eclipses of the Sun and Moon
    1. Clark Planetarium 2018 SEED Eclipses Lesson Plan Activity
    2. Eclipses Power Point (Models of eclipses and questions)
    3. Eclipses Data Sheet (To be handed out while viewing the Power Point)
    4. Lunar Eclipses Information Sheet (To be handed out while viewing the Power Point)
    5. Lunar and Solar Eclipses Webquest
  3. Seasons
    1. Clark Planetarium 2018 Seasons Lesson Plans
      1. Seasons Globe Worksheet
      2. Seasons Worksheet
      3. Seasons Worksheet Graph
      4. Seasons Worksheet Graph Key
      5. Seasons Graphing Worksheet
    2. Sun Altitude Power Point (The highest point of the sun during different months)
    3. Midnight Constellations Power Point (Constellations seen at midnight for each season)

Standard 6.1.2 (Develop Models--Systems)

  1. Gravity and Staying in Orbit Lesson Plan
    1. Gravity and Staying in Orbit Worksheet
    2. Gravity and Staying in Orbit Worksheet Answers

Standard 6.1.3 (Computational Thinking, Analyze Data--Scale)

  1. Calculating to Scale the Size of the Planets

Strand 6.1 Resources

  1. Moon--Youtube Videos
  2. NASA Amusement Park Guide
    1. Pendulums pg 45 - 48, 69
    2. Marble Roller Coaster pg 52-58, 65, 68
  3. Meteorology: An Educator’s Resource for Inquiry-Based Learning
  4. Great American Eclipse of 2017--Youtube Videos and Pictures
  5. Online Learning Fun With Physics

Strand 6.2: Energy Affects Matter

Standard 6.2.1 (Develop Models--Proportions, Quantities)

  1. Vinegar and Baking Soda-What Really Happens?
  2. Vinegar and Baking Soda Experiment Worksheet
  3. Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment Informal Write-up

Standard 6.2.2 (Develop Models--Effect)

  1. Kinesthetic Movement of Molecules
  2. Hot, Medium, Cold Experiment
  3. Density Tanks--Effects of Temperature on Density (Clark Planetarium)
  4. Hot Stuff Baby! Lesson 1

Standard 6.2.3 (Plan an Investigation--Matter)

  1. Uneven heating and Particle Motion (Dust Devils)
    1. Videos on Dust Devils
    2. Images of Dust Devils :
    3. Convection Current Video
  2. Hot Stuff Baby! Lesson Plan 3

Standard 6.2.4 (Design--Energy, Structure, Function)

  1. Save the Chocolate Bar
  2. Is It Cold in Here?
  3. Hot Stuff Baby! Lesson Plan 3

Strand 6.2 Resources

  1. Matter Videos
    1. Videos on Dust Devils
    2. Images of Dust Devils :

Strand 6.3: Earth's Weather Patterns and Climate

Standard 6.3.1 (Develop Models--Energy)

  1. What's That White Stuff?

Standard 6.3.2 (Investigate--Cause)

  1. Making a Cloud in a Bottle

Standard 6.3.3 (Develop Models--Systems, Patterns)

  1. Lake Effect Phenomenon

Standard 6.3.4 (Construct Explanations--Energy)

Strand 6.3 Resources

  1. How Clouds are Formed Explanation
  2. The Invention of the Barometer
    1. Torricelli PowerPoint--Inventor of the Barometer
    2. The Story of the First Barometer--Narration
  3. Weather Instruments and Conditions Review
  4. Changes in the Barometer Study Questions
  5. Finding The Current Air Pressure Webpage
  6. Air Pressure Effects Organizers
  7. Summer Storms Organizers
  8. Earth's Air Pressure Picture
  9. Weather Related Youtube Videos
  10. Weather and Climate
  11. How Clouds Form--Youtube Videos
  12. Barometer Change Chart Affecting the Weather Instruments

Strand 6.4: Stability and Change in Ecosystems

Standard 6.4.1 (Analyze Data,Ask Questions--Effects)

Standard 6.4.2 (Construct Explanations--Patterns)

  1. Observations of Competition Lesson Plan
  2. Introduction of Wolves in Yellowstone Lesson Plan
    1. Introduction of Wolves in Yellowstone in 1995 graphs
    2. "Wolves in Yellowstone" Video
    3. Notes on the Video "Wolves in Yellowstone"
    4. Worksheet "Reading the Graphs"
  3. Bee and Plants Lesson Plan
  4. "Return of the Buttercup" Video

Standard 6.4.3 (Develop Models--Matter, Energy)

  1. Population Changes Among Organisms

Standard 6.4.4 (Construct an Argument--Stability)

Standard 6.4.5 (Obtaining, Evaluating, Communicating--Stability)

Strand 6.4 Resources

  1. Rachael Coleman's Lesson Plans and Resources
    1. Ecosystems Lesson Plans
      1. Symbiosis Match
      2. Symbiosis Match Worksheet
    2. Ecosystems Lesson Plans
      1. Species adapted to the classroom
    3. Ecosystem Lesson Plans
      1. Ecosystems Student Notes
    4. Ecology Websites
    5. Utah Lake Disaster
    6. Viewer's Guide to A Bug's Life
    7. The Business of Abusing a Lake
    8. Ecology Animal Reading
    9. Ecology Quiz
    10. Utah Ecosystem Words
    11. Organism Adaptive List
    12. Utah Lake Official Website
    13. Giant Pandas are no long endangered
  2. Return of the Buttercup