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2018-19 JSD Elementary STEM Fair Information For Parents and Students

Part 1: Jordan District 2018-19 Elementary STEM Fair Information Letter for Students and Parents

  • 2018-19 JSD  Elementary STEM Fair Letter for Class/Grade Winners

Part 2: Pre-registration for the JSD STEM Fair--5th and 6th Grade School Winners Only 2018-19

  • Preregistration for the Jordan District STEM fair needs to be done by the students/parents. Preregistration needs to be done by Sunday, February 18, 2018. You will receive a confirmation within 24 hours.
  • This preregistration is not for individual elementary school STEM fairs. It is only for the winners chosen from JSD elementary school fairs going on to the Jordan District STEM Fair.
    • 2018-19 JSD Elementary STEM Fair Student Pre-registration for 5th and 6th Grade School Winners

Part 3: Central Utah/Jordan District/School STEM Fair Entry Form For All 5th and 6th Grade Students 2018-19

The entry form below needs to be filled out by all students entering the Jordan District Elementary STEM Fair to be handed in at the in-person registration on Tuesday, February 20, 2018. Incomplete forms will be handed back to be completed. (You may have already filled this out. If you have, get it from your teacher.)

  • English Entry Form--2018-19 Central Utah STEM Fair Elementary Entry Form (5th and 6th Grades)
  • Spanish Entry Form–2018-19 Central Utah STEM Fair Elementary Entry Form (5th and 6th Grades)

Part 4: JSD Elementary STEM Fair Participant Information Packets

  • JSD STEM Fair Student Packet--Scientific Method 2018-19
  • JSD STEM Fair Student Packet--Engineering Design 2018-19
  • JSD STEM Fair Student Packet--Computer Design 2018-19

Part 5: Category Descriptions of each STEM Fair Category for the JSD Elementary STEM Fair

Part 6: Other Special Papers For Jordan District 5th and 6th Grades Elementary STEM Fair Project Entries

  • STEM Fair Rules for STEM Fair Projects 2018-19
  • Parent Consent Forms to Test Children Under 18 2018-19
  • Adult Consent Forms To Test Adults 18 and Older 2018-189