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2nd Grade Science Lesson Plans–2010 Science Core

The 2nd grade science core was published in 2010. The lesson plans for 2nd grade consist of all the lesson plans that were written for the 2nd grade science core taken from the 2003 2nd Grade Utah State Science Teacher Resource Book and from the 2nd Grade Elementary CORE Academies taught from 2002 through 2010. They have all been written by teachers of Utah. These lesson plans are here to help you teach science where you won't need to search. If you use them and you see mistakes in the writing, content, or something is not coming through, please contact me at and I will fix them. Feedback is welcome.

The 2nd Grade State Science Core is made up of four standards and seven teaching objectives. Standard 1 is not a standard that is taught by itself and therefore has no teaching objectives* (see below).  Standard 2 has three teaching objectives. Standard 3 has two teaching objectives. Standard 4 has two teaching objectives.  The lessons are under their respective teaching objectives they were written for. Some of the teaching objectives don't have lesson plans. Lesson plans will be written for these objectives as time goes on. If you have a particular lesson or resource that you want to share for this webpage, please contact me. If you have questions on a certain lesson plan, please contact me. 

Each teaching objective has an "Objective Strategy Page".  The "Objective Strategy Page" has many ideas of how to teach that objective along with vocabulary words and the way students learn those ideas. The "Objective Strategy Page" is found at the end of each standard in the resources. I am also going to try develop more lesson plans from those ideas and place them below their respective objectives.

Below is the 2nd Grade State Science Core.  However, it is mixed in with the Kindergarten and 1st Grade State Science Cores so you can see what the other two grades are teaching and how the content strands dovetail in from one grade to the next. Also, below are the big learning ideas for the 2nd grade and what 2nd grade students should know by the end of the year.

Click on the links below to view and download your 2nd Grade Utah State Science Core. 

2nd Grade Standards and Objectives with Descriptions of Their Learning Processes

  1. 2nd Grade--Standards and Objectives
  2. 2nd Grade--Big Learning Ideas
  3. 2nd Grade--What 2nd Grade Students Should Know

Standard I: Intended Learning Outcomes

The Process of Science, Communication of Science, and the Nature of Science

*Standard I is not a standard that is to be taught by itself.  It is not be taught as a stand-alone content. Standard I are the Intended Learning Outcomes (process skills) that are to be woven into your teaching of Standards 2, 3, and 4.  Standard I are the prescribed skills needed to do the activities in Standards 2, 3, and 4 for students to know the processes of science, communication of science, and the nature of science. Standard I is at the first to remind teachers that as they teach Standards 2, 3, and 4, that these skills are to be used in teaching the science content. Therefore, there are no activities listed here.

Standard 2: Earth and Space Science

Objective 1 Lesson Plans--Describe the Characteristics of different rocks.

  1. Rocks, Rocks Everywhere
  2. All Sorts of Rocks
  3. Mystery Rocks
  4. I Spy
  5. Rock Star Centers
  6. Mineral Munch
  7. Rock Hounds
  8. How to Make a Rock
  9. Every Rock Has a Story
    1. Every Rock Has a Story Master Map
    2. Every Rock Has a Story Colored Map

Objective 2 Lesson Plans--Observe and record recognizable objects and patterns in the night sky.

  1. I See the Moon
  2. Lesson Plan--View the Stars (Coming Soon)
    1. Northern Hemisphere Star Wheel
    2. Monthly Constellations After Sunset
    3. Reading--Circumpolar Stars and Constellations
    4. The Distance of the Fifteen Brightest Stars
    5. Viewing the Sky Websites
    6. Picture of a Star

Objective 3 Lesson Plans--Observe, describe, and measure seasonal weather patterns and local variations.

  1. Utah's Meteorologists
  2. High in the Clouds
  3. Weather Wizards
  4. Weather Ways
  5. It Looked Like
  6. Calendar and Weather Book

Resources for Standard 2

  1. Standard 2, Objective 1 Strategy Page for more ideas
  2. Standard 2, Objective 2 Strategy Page for more ideas
  3. Standard 2, Objective 3 Strategy Page for more ideas

Standard 3: Physical Science

Objective 1 Lesson Plans--Communicate and observations about falling objects

  1. Gravity

Objective 2 Lesson Plans--Compare and contrast the differences in how different materials respond to change.

There are no lesson plans for Standard 3, Objective 2 at this time.

Resources for Standard 3

  1. Standard 3, Objective 1 Strategy Page for more ideas
  2. Standard 3, Objective 2 Strategy Page for more ideas

Standard 4: Life Science

Objective 1 Lesson Plans--Tell how external features affect an animals' ability to survive in its environment.

  1. How Do I Survive?
  2. Plants and Animals
  3. Plant and Animal Communities
  4. Cool Collectibles and Super Sorts

Objective 2 Lesson Plans--Identify basic needs of living things (plants and animals) and their abilities to meet their needs.

  1. Life's Different Seasons
  2. Plants Have Parts
  3. Plant and Animal Changes (1)
  4. Plant and Animal Changes (2)
  5. How Weather Affects Animals
  6. Sprout Houses
  7. Tadpole Diary
  8. Creature Creation
  9. How Animals Prepare For Winter

Resources for Standard 4

  1. Standard 4, Objective 1 Strategy Page for more ideas
  2. Standard 4, Objective 2 Strategy Page for more ideas