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Student studying at a deskThe Jordan School District provides this web page to assist in the instruction of Elementary Science.
Paul Nance | Elementary Science Specialist
cell: 801-244-6479 | office: 801-567-8175

For the Elementary Science Webpage, there is a new format to find the items that used to be on this Welcome Page.

You will be able to find the items below by clicking on the "Teacher Resources" button above between the two lines.

  • 2002 (3-5) and 2010 (K-2) Utah Science State Core Standards
  • 2017 Utah Science 6th Grades State SEEd Core Standards
  • K-6 Teacher Resources for Teaching Science
  • 2019-20 USBE Open Education Resource (OER) Books For Direct Downloading
  • Important Links to Utah State Office of Education, UEN, and USTA
  • Science Review Websites
  • Science Book Lists
  • Salt Lake City District List of Science Books 3rd-6th Grades
  • Recommended Materials and Supplies Needed to Teach Classroom Science
  • ISEE Groups Affiliated with USOE
  • STEM Fair Grant Information for Students and Teachers
  • Classroom Grant Information

Lesson plans for the 2002 Science Cores for K-6 grades, click on the "Lessons" button in the bar above.

Lesson plans for the new 2017-18 6th Grade SEEd Core, click on the "Lessons" button in the bar above.

Information for school STEM Fair projects, the Jordan District STEM Fair, or the Central Utah STEM Fair, click on "STEM Fairs" in the bar above.