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Professional Development

Professional learning is a lifetime commitment to continuous improvement. This is a goal we have for students and, as teachers, need to model ourselves. Teaching methods, core curriculum and the addition of STEM components to science instruction make it imperative that teachers stay current in their knowledge and skills. The following research-based workshops are one way to reach this goal.

The New 6th Grade SEEd Core Professional Development Opportunity.

  • This professional development class consists of four sessions.
  • Each session is a full day.
  • This 4-session class will be taught during the 2017-18 school year: the summer of 2017, and during the 2017-18 school year.
  • When taught during the school year and you are teaching those days, we will pay for your substitute.
  • If you are off due to being off track or it is during the summer for traditional teachers, you will be paid a stipend each day.
  • When these four sessions are taught during the school year, the four sessions will be spaced out about every two months, likely beginning in September.
  • When these four sessions are taught during the summer will be taught July 31, August, 1, 2, and 3.
  • We are working on this plan right now.  As soon as I know precisely the teaching schedule, it will be put online in this spot.

Questions?  Contact: 801-567-8153  801-567-8175 or 801-244-6479

6th Grade New Science SEEd Core Overview Meeting Held on May 15

  • Many of you who have not taken the 4-day SEEd class yet (one was held last summer and one during the past school year) may still be in the dark (so to speak) about what is happening next year with the new 6th Grade Science Core.
  • On Monday, May 15 an hour was set aside after school to gather 6th grade teachers together with us for us to tell them about the new science core, materials needed, an overview of how it needs to be taught, what is coming up as to training for them, and lesson plans that have been written or going to be written.
  • All the handouts are online.  Click here to get to them.  They are at the top of the page.

Summer 6th Grade SEEd Class PD

  • We still plan on doing a 4-day class during the summer on July 31, Aug. 1, 2, and 3.
  • We can't set it up yet because we are still waiting for the grant to come through.
  • We are expecting that it will go through.
  • If you are year-round, we will pay for the substitute.
  • If you are traditional or off track, we will pay you a stipend for attending.

During the Year 6th Grade SEEd Class PD

  • We are also planning a 4-day session throughout the 2017-18 school year--about one class every two months.
  • The same thing holds true that if you are traditional or on track, we will pay for your substitute.
  • If you are off track we will pay you a stipend for attending.

Grade Level Professional Development Science Core Classes to be taught During 2017-18 School Year

During the 2017-18 school year there will be three grade level science core classes taught--one each season.  Watch for the announcements.

  • 5th Grade in the Fall--announcement in late August
  • 4th Grade in Winter--announcement in December
  • 3rd Grade in Spring--announcement in March

6th Grade already has their ongoing classes throughout the year to learn their new science core.

Other Science Classes for Specific Subjects in each Grade will be announced in the fall.

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