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Professional Development

Professional learning is a lifetime commitment to continuous improvement. This is a goal we have for students and, as teachers, need to model ourselves. Teaching methods, core curriculum and the addition of STEM components to science instruction make it imperative that teachers stay current in their knowledge and skills. The following research-based workshops are one way to reach this goal.

6th Grade New Science SEEd Core Overview Meeting Held on May 15, 2017.

  • On Monday, May 15 an hour was set aside after school to gather 6th grade teachers together with us for us to tell them about the new science core, materials needed, an overview of how it needs to be taught, what is coming up as to training for them, and lesson plans that have been written or going to be written.
  • All the handouts are online.  Click here to get to them.  They are at the top of the page.

The New 6th Grade SEEd Core Professional Development Opportunity for 2018-19 School Year

  • There will be upcoming information about this by the end of August. There will be no summer classes. They will all be during the school year.

Questions?  Contact: 801-567-8153  801-567-8175 or 801-244-6479

6th Grade Seasons and Moon Class to be taught by Clark Planetarium

  • South Jordan Middle School
  • September 27 from 4:30 to 7:30
  • Connects with Strand I of the 6th Grade Science Core
  • Will be taught how to use the Seasons and Moon Kit supplied by the district.
  • More information to come out the end of August.
  • Register on JPLS-key word "Science"

4th Grade "Digging Fossils" Class

Jordan School District has a Fossil Kit created by the Museum of Natural History of Utah. Before checking this kit out, it is recommended that you know how to teach its contents rather than just looking at fossils.  It is taught with inquiry-based teaching strategies. See below for more of what the class entails:

  • 3.0-hour free workshop on fossils
  • Monday, September 10, 4:30 to 6:30, South Jordan Middle School
  • Featuring museum-quality casts including an entire dinosaur skull
  • Lesson plans with 4th-grade core-based content with activity sheets
  • Teaches in ways to incorporate specimens into their fossil unit
  • Hands-on activities with an inquiry-based lesson guide
  • Lesson contents offer ideas for:
    • simple classification systems
    • introduction of the concept of adaptation
    • student opportunity to discover the scientific processes of inquiry, data collection and analysis
  • Materials also include small fossils, Utah vertebrate jaws and teeth, and extended learning information and resources.
  • More information coming out the end of August
  • Register on JPLS-key word "Science"

5th Grade Science Core Class

  • Description: This class will help you liven up your science classes by using effective teaching strategies with exciting hands-on lesson plans for all 5th grade science standards. Process skills will be taught by using the intended learning outcomes with the integration of language arts, mathematics, and visual arts. You will also learn of STEM activities for each standard. Lesson plans and activity sheets will be shared for all the science standards and STEM ideas. A different science standard will be taught each class with STEM ideas for each.  You will not have to sign up for all the classes.  You can sign up for the one(s) you want to attend. 
  • Dates: (Mondays) September 10 (Matter), September 24 (Earth Changes), October 1 (Magnets), October 8 (Electricity), October 15 (Heredity)
  • Time: 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm
  • Free ($30 for State Credit for Lane Change)
  • More information for registering the last part of August
  • Register on JPLS-key word "Science"

5th Grade Chain Reaction Class to be taught by Discovery Gateway

  • Sep 25 from 4:30 to 7:30
  • South Jordan Middle School
  • Free Materials and handouts worth $200 to be give out at the class.
  • Connects with Standard I of the 5th Grade Science Core
  • There is a $10 registration fee, but will be given back when you attend the class
  • More information to come out in August.
  • Registration will be with Discovery Gateway

3-5 Grade Level Professional Development Science Core Classes to be taught During 2017-18 School Year

During the 2018-19 school year there will be three grade level science core classes taught--one each season.  Watch for the announcements.

  • 5th Grade Dates: (Mondays) September 10 (Matter), September 24 (Earth Changes), October 1 (Magnets), October 8 (Electricity), October 15 (Heredity)
  • 4th Grade in January and February--announcement in November
  • 3rd Grade in March and April--announcement in March

K-2 Grade Level Classes taught by Hogle Zoo and USU Ag in the Classroom in the Fall or Winter. Watch for upcoming updates.

Other Science Classes for Specific Subjects for each grade will be announced in the fall.

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