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Teacher Resources

All State of Utah K-6 Written Science Lesson Plans--Click Here

K-6 Utah Science State Core Standards Booklets

K-2 Teacher Activity Books for Lesson Plans

3-5 Science Teacher Resource Books for Lesson Plans

K-5 Teacher Resources for Teaching Science

6th Grade 2017-18 Utah Science State SEEd Core Standards and Teacher Resources

JSD Classroom Grant Information 2017-18--Click Here

New Teacher Induction Resources--Click Here

San Juan School District Science and STEM Page--Click Here

2017-18 USOE Open Education Resource (OER) 3-6 Grade Books For Direct Access, Downloading, and Purchasing

This format allows teachers to give access to specific pages of each book by using a direct link. Teachers can also create a free Ck-12 login and make their own personalized version of a book. If changes are made, teachers are responsible to make sure that all Creative Common rules are met, work on formatting, and find a printer if that’s their final desire.

The formatting of the CK-12 website PDF downloads doesn’t usually look very nice. With the great help of our OER Team we offer PDF versions of the Printed Books for a free download. These can be used to print the books if you have a better system or to be loaded on student machines.

Due to problems in the past with CreateSpace we have found new printers for the Science OER Textbooks. BR Printers have been wonderful to work with and they will have a specific person to help us with orders and questions that may come. They have a page specifically for our books where orders can be made online and paid by credit card or your school/district can set up a Purchase Order.

Materials and Supplies Needed to Teach Classroom Science

Important Links to Utah State Office of Education, UEN, and USTA

Science Book Lists

Science Review Websites

STEM Classroom Activities

JSD Elementary and District STEM Fair 

2016-17 Elementary School and JSD STEM Fair Information

STEM Fair Grant Information for Students and Teachers

ISEE Groups Affiliated with USOE