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Teacher Resources

All State of Utah K-6 Written Science Lesson Plans--Click Here

K-6 Utah Science State Core Standards Booklets

K-2 Teacher Activity Books for Lesson Plans

3-5 Science Teacher Resource Books for Lesson Plans

K-5 Teacher Resources for Teaching Science

Materials and Supplies Needed to Teach Classroom Science

Science Book Lists

ISEE Groups Affiliated with USOE

6th Grade 2017-18 Utah Science State SEEd Core Standards and Teacher Resources

Important Links to Utah State Office of Education, UEN, and USTA

STEM Classroom Activities

JSD Elementary and District STEM Fair 

2016-17 Elementary School and JSD STEM Fair Information

STEM Fair Grant Information for Students and Teachers

JSD Classroom Grant Information 2017-18--Click Here

New Teacher Induction Resources--Click Here

Science Review Websites