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5th Grade Science Lesson Plans–2002 Science Core

These 5th grade science lesson plans consists of all the lesson plans that were written for the 5th grade science core taken from the State Science Teacher Resource Book and from the Elementary CORE Academies from 2002 through 2010. They have all been written by teachers of Utah. If you have a particular lesson or resource that you want to share for this webpage, please contact me. If you have questions on a certain lesson plan, please contact me at

These lesson plans are here to help you teach science where you won't need to search. When all the lesson plans are taught, you will have covered all the objectives and indicators for each standard. They are generally in the order each standard is presented. If you use them and you see mistakes in the writing, content, or something is not coming through, please contact me at and I will fix them. Feedback is welcome.

Standard I: Chemical and Physical Change in Matter--Students will understand that chemical and physical changes in matter.

Objective 1 Lesson Plans--Describe that matter is neither created nor destroyed even though it may undergo change.

  1. Dissolving Salt
  2. Sum of the Parts I
  3. Melting and Freezing
  4. Sum of the Parts II
  5. What a Reaction
  6. Borax and Glue

Objective 2 Lesson Plans--Evaluate evidence that indicates a physical change has occurred.

  1. Mixing Colors
  2. Nothing New-A Physical Change
  3. Diaper Inquiry
  4. Clean Pennies
  5. Chroma Cool!
  6. Blobber

Objective 3 Lesson Plans--Investigate evidence for changes in matter that occur during a chemical change.

  1. Chemical Change
  2. Vinegar and Baking Soda Soda Experiment Lesson Plan
    1. Vinegar and Baking Soda Experiment Worksheet
  3. Science Detectives
  4. Comparing Physical and Chemical Change
  5. The Heat is On
  6. Fun With Dry Ice (Parts I and II)
  7. Boot Reer, Root Beer
  8. Hidden Science in Colonial Living
  9. Vinegar and Limestone Experiment
  10. Physical and Chemical Experiments

Resources for Standard I

  1. Matter Standard I and ILOs
  2. Matter Shared Reading
  3. Matter Assessment (PDF)
  4. Matter Assessment (Word)
  5. Matter YouTube Videos
  6. Making Slime

Standard 2: Forces that Reshape Earth's Surface--Students will understand that volcanoes, earthquakes, uplift, and weathering, and erosion reshape Earth's surface.

Objective 1 Lesson Plans--Describe how weathering and erosion change Earth's surface.

  1. Weathering and Erosion
  2. Where Has My Mountain Gone
  3. Weathering Landforms
  4. Virtual Field Trip
  5. Weathering Lesson Plans
    1. Weathering Student Book
    2. Weathering Student Book Answers
    3. How Much Weight Do Rocks Lose? Activity
    4. Finding Answer to Weathering Observations (Experiments with Answers)
  6. Erosion Lesson Plans
    1. Erosion Student Book
    2. Erosion Student Book Answers

Objective 2 Lesson Plans--Explain how volcanoes, earthquakes, and uplift affect Earth's surface.

  1. Volcanoes
  2. Earthquakes
  3. The Changing Earth

Objective 3 Lesson Plans--Relate the building up and breaking down of Earth's surface over time to the various physical land features.

  1. Physical Land Features
  2. Utah's Geological History
  3. Researching Relief Maps
  4. Geological Process
  5. Understanding Geological Time
  6. Utah's Geological History and Its Effects
    1. Utah-A Geological History Maps
    2. UTAH’S PAST--Events and Results

Resources for Standard II

  1. Changing Earth Standard II and ILOs
  2. Changing Earth Shared Reading
  3. Changing Earth Assessment (PDF)
  4. Changing Earth Assessment (Word)
  5. Changing Earth YouTube Videos
  6. Weathering and Erosion Youtube Videos

Standard 3: Magnets and Magnetic Fields--Students will understand that magnetism can be observed when there is an interaction between the magnetic fields of magnets or between a magnet and materials made of iron.

Objective 1 Lesson Plans--Investigate and compare the behavior of magnetism using magnets.

  1. Experimenting With Magnets
  2. Push and Pull of Magnets
  3. Investigating Behaviors of Magnets
  4. How Many How Far How Thick
  5. Fun with Electromagnets
    1. Electromagnets Experimentation Worksheet
  6. Electricity and Magnets
  7. Building Electromagnets and Simple Motors
  8. Make a Shaker-Generator

Objective 2 Lesson Plans--Describe how the magnetic field of Earth and a magnet are similar.

  1. Discovering Magnetic Fields
  2. Finding Magnetic Fields of Earth
  3. Making a Magnet Compass
  4. Magnets in a Bag
  5. Magnetic Hangman
  6. Where's Up?
  7. Magnetic Fields of Magnets
  8. Magnet Exploration Booklet
  9. Magnet Exploration Booklet Answers
  10. Magnet Literacy

Resources for Standard III

  1. Magnetism Standard III and ILOs
  2. Magnetism Shared Reading
  3. Magnetism Assessment (PDF)
  4. Magnetism Assessment (Word)
  5. Magnetism Youtube Videos
  6. Online Learning Fun With Physics

Standard 4: Static and Current Electricity--Students will understand features of static and current electricity.

Objective 1 Lesson Plans--Describe the behavior of static electricity as observed in nature and everyday occurrences.

  1. Static Cling
  2. Will It Hold a Charge?
  3. Zapped
  4. Stuck on You
  5. The Electrophorus and Static Discharge
  6. Static Electricity Data Sheet

Objective 2 Lesson Plans--Analyze the behavior of current electricity.

  1. Lights On
  2. Wiring a Circuit
  3. Circuit City
  4. Flowing Electrons
  5. Conductors vs. Insulators
  6. Clustering

Resources for Standard IV

  1. Electricity Standard IV ILOs
  2. Electricity Shared Reading
  3. Electricity Assessment (PDF)
  4. Electricity Assessment (Word)
  5. Electricity Youtube Videos
  6. Online Learning Fun With Physics

Standard 5: Inherited Traits--Students will understand that traits are passed from the parent organisms to their offspring, and that sometimes the offspring may possess variations of these traits that may help or hinder survival in a given environment.

Objective 1 Lesson Plans--Using supporting evidence, show that traits are transferred from parent organism to its offspring.

  1. Comparing Apples
  2. Paint's Family Tree
  3. The Living Corn Necklace
  4. Observing Mealworms and Earthworms (TRB Edition)
  5. Observing Mealworms and Earthworms (Elem CORE Academy Edition)
  6. Twins--Comparing Behaviors: Instinct vs. Learned Behavior

Objective 2 Lesson Plans--Describe how some characteristics could give a species a survival advantage in a particular environment.

  1. Specialize Structures and Environments
  2. Bird Buffet
    1. Bird Buffet Worksheet
  3. I Will Survive
  4. The Planet Wakyabi
    1. Planet Wakyabi Picture
  5. Trait Variations for Survival
    1. Klipspringer and Mountain Goat Comparison Sheets
  6. Animal Adaptations--Snowshoe Hare/Cottontail Rabbit

Resources for Standard V

  1. Inherited Traits Standard V and ILOs
  2. Inherited Traits Shared Reading
  3. Inherited Traits Assessment (PDF)
  4. Inherited Traits Assessment (Word)
  5. Inherited Traits Videos
    1. Inherited Traits Video Notes Worksheet